Mortal Kombat Fighters

Biography:There is an order to the universe—laws that all of nature must obey. For centuries I have imposed order on those who would wreak havoc. Outworld has long been a source of disruption, but an old ruler has made a triumphant return. During Onaga’s rule, his military forced peace throughout his domain. I will see that his return brings order to this war-torn realm once more. I will fight against the insurgents to clear a path for the Dragon King’s coming. Years ago, I fought against the vile Tarkatan warriors. I vowed to protect the Outworld city of Lei Chen from the attacks of Shao Kahn. Times have changed. Now I find myself aiding Baraka and his troops. I pledged the loyalty of the city to Onaga and began my mission to stop the uprising against him. Baraka’s militia have brought word of an Earthrealm warrior named Sub-Zero who has slain many Tarkata. I will hunt him down. I will bring him before the justice of the Dragon King. Trading Card Bio: A hero from the realm of Seido, Hotaru fights to preserve law and order. Although his initial sojourn to Outworld was to kombat the emperor Shao Kahn, he has since allied with a ruler he believes will bring stability to the realms. Ending:In the wilds of Outworld, Hotaru captured the renegade Earthrealm warrior Sub- Zero and brought him before the Dragon King. Onaga’s judgment of Sub-Zero was swift, and Hotaru was given the task of carrying out his punishment: death. His fate served as a reminder to all who would challenge the authority of the Dragon King. Current Status:Hotaru is currently hunting down the Earth warrior Sub-Zero who has slain many Tarkatan warriors. Appearances: Mortal Kombat Deception