Epic Battles: Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter vs Tekken


MWS Support for Online Gameplay

The new Epic Battles Tekken Patch Download (6.3mb) for MWS is now available for download.

For more information about MWS gaming please visit the Tournaments page.

Game Info

Here's some good stuff to know about the game.

  1. The full name is: Epic Battles. It currently consists of the cards from the fighting games Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Tekken 5. http://www.epicbattlestcg.com/
  2. They are no longer available at Blockbuster. For a limited run of Round 1 cards. Blockbuster carried Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.
  3. Mortal Kombat and Tekken are now available through local Hobby Shops. If you can't find any epic battles in your area, PM me in the message board and I will hook you up. Also, trading is a allowed.
  4. The game requires a 60 card deck to play.
  5. The Premier MK Starter contains both Sub-zero and Scorpion characters, and includes rares for each character as well as nice playmat and instruction booklet
  6. The Tekken Starters will offer two exclusive characters Nina Williams and Jin Kazama.
  7. The typical Booster Pack (10) will has a ratio of 2-rare cards and 8 commons.
  8. The ratios in the booster pack are as follows:

    8:1 Common Cards (8 common cards per 1 pack of cards)
    2:1 Rare Card (1 character card per 1 pack of cards)
    1:3 FOIL Card, a special decluxe edition of a card (1 foil per 3 packs of cards)
    1:24 Ultra Rare Card, (1 UR per 24 packs of cards)
    1:144 Hidden Card, (1 H per 144 packs of cards)

  9. When blockbuster was selling Epic Battles there was a special going on with the booster packs: Buy 3 get one free, which would make them $3.00 each if you buy 4 at once.

    The coupon code is 5610rn00043. You can request them to enter the code when they ring up the 4 booster packs. Not all Blockbusters are running the promotion, so don't be suprised if they don't accept it or the special has ended.

  10. If you want to know anything more about this game, try the message board or the main Epic Battles site.