Mortal Kombat Factions

Mortal Kombat Faction:

The Black Dragon clan sprung forth from the Red Dragon by renegade Red Dragon members. This clan trains members to use excessive force and intimidation to carry out their plans. They have become so powerful that they are a main focus on the U.S. Special Forces and their rival clan, the Red Dragon.
The Brothers of the Shadow is a group started by Quan Chi as personal group devoted to the ex Elder God Shinnok in the Netherrealm. The Brothers of the Shadow are known to perform special tasks for Shinnok such as spies, and generals.
The Deadly Alliance was formed by the sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. This alliance was formed to give both sorcerers something they both desperately wanted, for Shang Tsung it is immortality and for Quan Chi it is military power. The deadly alliance already claimed the lives of Liu Kang and Shao Kahn and are a force to be reckoned with. The Deadly Alliance had been eliminated with the return of Onaga.
Little is known about the Dragon Kingís empire. It is known he was a ruler in the Outworld and had an undefeatable army and also had priests at his service. The Dragon King died prematurely and his army allowed themselves to be ritually killed until the Dragon King was resurrected by the priests.
After Shao Kahnís defeat on the Earth realm, the Shokan and the Edenian people made peace and planned to overthrow Shao Kahn once and for all together and started an Edenian and Shokan army led by Princess Kitana and Prince Goro. They struggled with war with Shao Kahnís army until Shao Kahn was assassinated by the deadly alliance and Kanoís troops retreated. Prince Goro however was killed by Noob Saibot during on of the battles and the army itself was destroyed when Reptile attacked them and then when the Dragon Kingís undefeatable army attacked them.
When Shao Kahn tried to invade the Earthrealm he appointed a special group of centaurs led by Motaro known as the Extermination Squads to eliminate the surviving chosen warriors of Earth, they managed to kill Johnny Cage, scare Rain into joining Shao Kahn, and brutally beat Kabal and left him for dead. The Extermination Squads dissolved when Shao Kahn was defeated.
The Lin Kuei clan has existed for centuries somewhere in China; their first known base was located somewhere high in the mountains and they trainer warriors to be assassins and thieves. Just before Shao Kahnís invasion of Earth, the Lin Kuei decided to turn their ninjas into soulless assassins and turned 3 ninjas into cybernetic ninjas including Smoke, Sub-Zeroís best friend. After Shao Kahnís invasion the Lin Kuei disbanded and shortly afterwards during Shinnokís invasion a few members tried to restart the clan and sent out their only cybernetic ninjas they had left, Cyrax and Sektor. Sektor however soon assassinated the grandmaster due to a data error in his circuits and tried to claim grandmaster status within the Lin Kuei by taking the Dragon Medallion, however Sub-Zero battled Sektor for that right and won, Sub-Zero now leads the Lin Kuei and relocated to an Ice Temple and uses the Lin Kuei as a force for good.
The Outerworld Investigation Agency was started after Shao Kahnís invasion by Special Forces agents Sonya and Jax. They learned to open portals through science rather than magic and deal with threats to the Earthrealm. This is an international organization.
The Pantheon of Gods is just the Gods in general. They all have an element to control on any given world and some are appointed more tasks such as Fujinís status as protector of Earth as well as God of wind. There are countless gods and most never interfere in the destiny of men.
The Red Dragon clan has existed for centuries and had a code system and used fighting styles to carry out their operations. Unlike most crime organizations they relied on stealth and secrecy to carry out their operations. However some members of the Red Dragon thought the code system restricted their potential and defected from the Red Dragon and created a new clan called the Black Dragon. Since then the Red Dragon made it a top priority to rid all members of their rival clan.
The Resistance is a group in the Orderrealm that does not support the current government. They believe that the current government is too harsh in its punishments and seeks to establish a new government. The Resistance is known as terrorists to some but others see them as nothing but terrorists.
The Seidan Guard is known for their ability to maintain order in areas they control. The Seidan are known in many realms and sometimes their services has been sought out to maintain order in what would be a very unstable area.
Shao Kahnís empire consists of many realms that merged into Shao Kahnís universal realm of Outworld. In just about every realm he conquered he has generals recruited in his army, assassins, he has advisors known as the shadow priests, the nomad army is also at his command and even at one point had a queen. It is even rumored he commands reptilian slaves. After his defeat on Earth, Shao Kahnís empire now only hangs by a thread.
Shinnokís empire is consisted of demons and souls who have been tortured in the Netherrealm. Shinnok took Edenia and shortly afterwards attacked the Heavens and the Earthrealm after Shao Kahnís invasion. However due to the combined forces of Earthrealm and disloyalty in his own ranks, Shinnokís invasion was quickly thwarted.
The history of the Shirai Ryu extends back to the Lin Kuei, in the early days of the Lin Kuei there was a Japanese Lin Kuei member named Takeda and he decided to defect from the Lin Kuei, this naturally marks him for death for his betrayal to the clan. Takeda returns to Japan and offers to teach lords and Generals their the art of ninjitsu and soon Japan has ninja clans spawning everywhere including the Shirai Ryu, which was founded by Takeda. Takeda was later killed in his elder years by a poison slipped in his tea. Before being killed by Sub-Zero, Scorpion belonged to this clan.
The Special Forces is a U.S. government team made to deal with terrorists. They are trained for combat and are the ideal team to bring in threats to peace such as the much feared Black Dragon gang members.
The Tekunin clan is a cybernetic clan started by Sektor after he lost in battle with Sub-Zero over the control of the Lin Kuei clan. This clan was started in Japan with Sektor as the leader.
The White Lotus Society was started by the Order of Light. However, soon after Liu Kang won the Mortal Kombat tournament Shang Tsung led a group of Outworlders to kill off members of this super secret group for revenge on Liu Kang. Soon after their Outworld challenge, Liu Kang and Kung Lao returned to Earth and briefly tried to reform the White Lotus Society before Shao Kahnís invasion. However after Shao Kahnís defeat, they managed to start the White Lotus Society back up and it is currently training warriors.