Mortal Kombat Factions

Mortal Kombat Faction:

The Lin Kuei clan has existed for centuries somewhere in China; their first known base was located somewhere high in the mountains and they trainer warriors to be assassins and thieves. Just before Shao Kahnís invasion of Earth, the Lin Kuei decided to turn their ninjas into soulless assassins and turned 3 ninjas into cybernetic ninjas including Smoke, Sub-Zeroís best friend. After Shao Kahnís invasion the Lin Kuei disbanded and shortly afterwards during Shinnokís invasion a few members tried to restart the clan and sent out their only cybernetic ninjas they had left, Cyrax and Sektor. Sektor however soon assassinated the grandmaster due to a data error in his circuits and tried to claim grandmaster status within the Lin Kuei by taking the Dragon Medallion, however Sub-Zero battled Sektor for that right and won, Sub-Zero now leads the Lin Kuei and relocated to an Ice Temple and uses the Lin Kuei as a force for good.