Mortal Kombat Races

Mortal Kombat Race:

The Centaurs is another race that inhabits the Outworld. They have grown to become bitter enemies with the Shokan people for land. During the invasion of Earthrealm Shao Kahn leaned more to favoring the Centaurs instead of the Shokan since the shokan had failed him during the last Mortal Kombat tournament and the Outworld tournament. The Centaurs were more than happy to be assisted by Shao Kahn in a war against the Shokan in exchange for their services in extermination squads.
The Chaos people are the people from the Chaosrealm. In a way they hold total freedom to be more supreme than laws to restrict them. Their realm obeys no laws, whether it is laws of man or laws of nature.
Cyborgs are men who are automated and has theirs souls taken from them. Cyborgs were made by the latest Lin Kuei technology to replace their ninjas with more efficient cyber ninjas to carry out the clans purpose. The loyal members volunteered for automation but when Sub-Zero and Smoke returned from Outworld they tried to escape from the Lin Kuei of taking their souls, Smoke was caught and Sub-Zero successfully escaped. The resulting cyber ninjas are relentless and will complete their task no matter the cost.
The Cyromancers are a race from the Outworld. The Cyromancers are most notable for their ability to master the element of cold by using the surrounding water vapor and turn it into solid ice.
Demons are another type of beings in the Netherrealm. They are controlled by whomever rules the Netherrealm and some have the ability of flight. They are ruthless beings who would even kill a God if given the chance.
The Edenians are much like the people of the Earthrealm. They were last ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel before Shao Kahn took the realm of Edenia. It is also worth noting that the Edenians have a lifespan greater than those of the Earth realm as Princess Kitana is a little over 10,000 years old and is still considered fairly young by her people. Edenia is currently ruled by Queen Sindel and her daughter Kitana.
The Gods are the supreme rulers of the universe, though there are some that our greater than others. They all control some kind of element in a given world and are worshipped by mortals. The gods mostly stay out of mortals destinies but there are a few who chooses to take more active roles in destinies of realms.
Little is known about elementals, elementals inhabit the Outworld and serve their own agendas and appear to control some sort of element. It is not known if their intentions are good or evil.
Humans are the main species that inhabit the Earthrealm. For the most part they want peace and most are willing to defend their world against those who threaten them. Others are opportunists and will turn their backs against their home world in exchange for power or wealth, as such with the Black Dragon member Kano. They however are unstable and their future is not clear.
Onis are the natural inhabitants of the Netherrealm. The Onis are vicious beings who are in constant warfare in the Netherrealm. Some mortals may even be twisted to becoming an Oni if they are suffering in the Netherrealm for long periods of time. They ally with no one else besides each other unless a greater purpose of theirs is to be served.
The Outworldians are the natural inhabitants of Outworld. This realm has seen many years of vicious emperors and warfare for realms. Outworld is known by many other realms as a conqueror and sometimes as a realm that never had life. As of now the Outworld is in chaos after Shao Kahnís defeat in Earthrealm and the Outworldians are leaderless.
The Saurian, commonly known as raptor is a race that inhabited the Earthrealm as the dominant species millions of years ago. They were driven out of the Earthrealm by the wars between Raiden and Shinnok. Soon afterwards the Saurian fled to the realm known as Zaterra and it was later taken by Shao Kahn, it is rumored that the Saurian is all but extinct and that Shao Kahn has the remaining few working as slaves for him.
The Seidan people are the people of the Orderrealm. They hold laws to be of the utmost importance in the universe. They will go wherever chaos is and try to impose order. The Seidan people are also known to impose strict punishments for disobeying laws.
The Shokan is a race of half human half dragon that inhabits the Outworld they were allies with Shao Kahn until he started his invasion of Earth and he helped their natural enemies the centaurs to defeat the shokan in a war. Prince Goro later took on his fatherís role as leader of the Shokan people and he allied with Edenia to overthrow Shao Kahn.
The Tarkatan race is commonly known as mutants and are a hybrid race of Netherrealm and Outworld species. They are masses that live in the realm of Outworld. They are unpredictable and quick to anger, other than that not much else is known about the Nomads. They mostly inhabit the wastelands.
The undead are the dead who walks again. In the Mortal Kombat universe only the dragon kingís army is known as the undead. Furthermore these deceased warriors need souls to walk again. They have lost their flesh and are skeleton warriors whom do their masters bidding.
Vampires is another race that inhabits the Outworld. The vampires had their own realm but it was merged with the Outworld long ago and the crystal is out of reach of mortals. The vampire people are great record keepers and have kept records of various species throughout history, they have also been to the Earthrealm many times to feast on humans. Vampires live to serve their own agenda.
Not much is known about Wraiths, it is known that they inhabit the Netherrealm. They are supposedly the same being that has turned so evil that they are not who they once were anymore.
Zombies are beings from the Netherrealm that are being punished to roam the Netherrealm pits as the animated dead. The Zombies are the lowest beings even in the Netherrealm and they are not allowed into the Netherrealm cities, if some happen to enter the cities by accident they are killed on sight by the guards.